Dashrath Desai’s Birthday Bash!

This narration is all about my photography and cinematography during Dashrath Desai’s birthday party.

Sarika Mehta, a good friend of mine introduced me to this dashing guy whose party was coming up, but what happened is that I was invited on the last moment for the party due to some hesitations on their side. I had only 4 days to prepare with my stuff to go for the big picture in Thailand.

The deal with him was that I would only do photography for him and not cinematography, because I had never tried the latter one. But his demands said that he also wanted me to do cinematography of the whole occasion, even when I told that if at all the outcome doesn’t come good, I would not be the one to blame.

We stayed in Hilton Pattaya in Thailand for the 3 days. On the 1st day Mr. Desai had organised a Gala Dinner with clubbing for fun.

The 2nd day consisted of Hawaiian theme party in the pool of Fflic Cliff Club in the heart of Pattaya.

The 3rd day was nonetheless awesome! We enjoyed a party on a Yatch in the midst of The Gulf of Thailand.

The experience which I had from this trip, gave me a lot of new friends, especially Mr. Dashrath. The merriment which we shared together was the one which I still miss even this day, and I bet that those memories would never fade!

Blog Credits :- Murtaza Akbari

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