Love You Zindagi!!!!!


Welcome to the world of Shikha and Dhwani. I am narrating this blog today in regard to the video – Revelation. I, Shikha is going to reveal to you our life story through the following:
Every morning when I wake up and struggle hard to get her out of bed, she gets so stubborn that sometimes I think, “Is she the Sleeping Beauty who wakes up only by the kiss of a Prince?” But then when she opens her eyelids, we start our sweet fights on the bed every single day since we were kids.
We always keep listening to music and fortunately our tastes are also quite similar. We love having our separate earphones often, but when we play music on speakers, the neighbors would go crazy, not to mention our own mother yelling to lower down the volume.
People say sand castles are never permanent, but let me tell you that the same sand castles give the creators more happiness than the concrete ones where at some point of time problems do enter. So we still love being the creators of sand castles just as the tiny tots do, where we can not only act but literally become kids again, throwing back all our worries.
Our brother is the most patient person we know in this world. He is humorous and at the same time he is serious too. Whether we fight around him, shout, play or even dance, he doesn’t give a fuck for even a second, and would be involved in his tasks unerringly.
We are sisters filled up to brim with spontaneity, and our spontaneous plans have always been a hit. We never think before jumping upon a conclusion regarding going to a certain place just after an hour from now. Picking up only the needful things, grabbing our jeep’s key and opening up our hair to make them sing with the whistles of the wind, we run away from our house for our exuberating “Getaway”.
We always help each other in our make up struggles, of-course the other one does get bored holding things but then that’s what our love is like. I am not used to watching horror movies, in contrast to which she always goes for them. And whenever she insists me to watch one such movie with her, her pranks on me never goes out of style. Another contrasting thing between us includes my friends’ list including 80% guys, and her’s being vice versa.
Dumas is one of our favorite places in Surat, and we often hangout there for the same amount of fun as for the amount of solace. We always have a “kadak cutting” over there while chitchatting with the vendors, and we ride cool bicycles and play with the banyan trees.
You might also notice us acting as the auto drivers who always wave their leg in the direction they want to turn, instead of their hand or an indicator light. And one of our stupid acts also include using men’s washroom instead of women’s. Dancing in the club with full on stupidity, as if rejoicing in a desi Indian wedding has always been our trait.
Our fun is always unlimited and our timeless mischiefs have always been unpredictable. It would never come to an end even if the day falls down. We only stop and return back to our “Basera” by the worrisome calls from our dear parents. I have always been the loving daughter of my mother and Dhwani, of my father, and thus we get calls always from our respective patron only, though we do get equal love from them both.
So this is our cute little dream world which we always try turning into reality, even if problems come our way. Just because smile doesn’t cost a penny, we always keep saying “Love you Zindagi” and rejoice in every moment as if there is no tomorrow!
To watch our exciting video follow the link given below:-

Blog Credits:- Murtaza Akbari

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