KG Fitness Awards Night

Recently, KG Fitness, the well known gym of Surat had organized a grand awards night for all the members and employees, making them all mix with each other, socialize and have fun instead of only running tight on their schedules and diets.
The evening went through with a singer showing his talent, couple dance to fill the evening with some romance, Zumba dance, and a wonderful dance performance by the Trainers of the Gym.
I choreographed the performance of the trainers in around 10 days, being their trainer this time! As amazing as it was to work with them, the task was also a difficult one! Being regular gym freaks, it was tough for me to make their body move perfectly to the dance steps I gave them, but they co-operated well and came over all the difficulties until the last day.
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The main competition for the members was Ramp Walk in which Mr. and Ms. KG Fitness Face of the Year were selected and awarded. Apart from that, the trainers also did a ramp walk, adorning such beautiful outfits and attires and posing in such a way that it looked like they were performing in some well known fashion show.
Guest celebrity of the evening was Freddy Daruwala (model and actor). Even well known celebrities of Surat were called upon as judges to judge the show. The evening really ended on a very positive note, and all the attendees of the event felt recognized and cared for.
Written By – Murtaza Akbari

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