Surat ki badhti raftaar, Ye hai Modi Sarkar

I am a citizen of Surat city, India, and I respect my nation and the one who runs it – Shri Narendra Modi. Former Chief Minister of Gujarat, who then became the Prime Minister of India solely due to his intellect, ideas and vision.
He came Surat on 17th April 2017 and in his honor, Surat was decorated in the best of ways from 15 days before. On behalf of Shah Publicity, I covered the whole area from Airport to Athwagate with different cameras, especially with Drone DJI 4K, which nobody has used till date to cover any events like this one.
We covered all the hoardings & cutouts made by Shah Publicity and also by others. The grand statue of Modiji, the airplane on Athwagate, the light show on VR Mall, the image of NAMO on Sunshine Global Hospital and all the lights and decorations in which our city was immersed, was all taken up in our lenses.
Surtis had never seen their own city this way, and all of them had come out to witness this amazing sight for which I would only say that – NAMO ni chatrachaya, Surat ni badlai gai Kaaya.
Click the below link to watch the video covered by Jini Video (Yogesh Kapadia)

Written By – Murtaza Akbari

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