Avani’s Baraat SRK Exports

We have always seen baratis dancing in the baraat, but have we ever witnessed the bride’s side dancing to welcome the baraat? I had not seen a scene like this before and when I was told that a welcome dance is to be choreographed, I was really excited on thinking about the prospects of it.

Narola family is very familiar to me now because I have done choreography thrice in their family and all the family members have become pro dancers now due to 3 years of dancing on the moves and grooves I have given them for various functions!

I am always happy when I have to work with Narola family, they aren’t just clients, they are like family to me now, plus they learn the steps in as fast as 3 days. For this particular assignment, I want to thank Neha Peladiya and Arpit Narola and want to wish Avni Shankar – the bride to live a happy married life ever after!

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