Bishnu weds Hetvee

Winters. It is the one of the best time of the year where Surat stands up for all the charm it can. Wandering around Surat in this season we can find people wearing trendy-cute clothes, stalls of pok vada, people chit-chatting over chai or coffee and devouring hot delicacies. Talking about me, I am the most busiest during this season with all the weddings lined up and all the sangeets to choreograph. This blog is about the first sangeet I did this season.


The first thing I did for them was a pre-wedding shoot. After discussing for days at end upon the place to visit for the shoot, it was Goa which was finally selected. It was hilarious working with them because they are both totally opposite personalities. On one hand, there is Bishnu who doesn’t like to get in pictures and was very shy, and on the other hand there is Hetvee who loved getting clicked.

Then it came to the sangeet choreography. Even here Bishnu was very shy as he was dancing for the first time in his life, while Hetvee was really bold and excited. But even after all this, the chemistry between them was totally amazing. The choreography went on for 2 months where along with the couple, all the family members, from the youngest to the oldest, danced with all the energy they had.


Their wedding was at Swarnabhoomi, The Grand Bhagwati and I tell you, it went awesome. The making of the choreography was also shot and played during the wedding, and it was loved by all the guests present.

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