Kuldeep & Priyanka got together.

The twelfth day of the twelfth month. I don’t know whether it is a lucky day or not, but for
Kuldeep and Priyanka it sure was.

I choreographed for the second time in this family and once again, it was total fun. The plan was
to make only the family members dance and not the hero-heroine for the evening, but as we all
know, it is always tough to resist the temptation to dance. Thus, the bride too demanded to
dance, and only in the last 2 days she not only prepared the whole dance but also made it sure
that her performance was the best.

After all the experience I had in all these years, this was one new experience that I have had
until now. I really appreciate the efforts of the bride and also the family members who made the
whole function memorable.

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