Maitree & Dharan Got Engaged.

Making people learn the dance steps and dance gracefully to the tunes that I play for them has become common now, but what fascinates me more is that, now I have been able to make most of the groups learn it all in just a week, believe me, not more than a week, and same happened at the time of engagement ceremony of Maitry Patel.

Maitry is the cousin of a best friend of mine viz. Bhavya Neel Patel who connected me to her and I pulled of the ceremony in a smooth and gracious way. All the cousins and friends of Maitry danced for her and added to her happiness in a unique way at Avadh Utopia.

It was truly an awesome function and I thank Bhavya Patel and Maitry Patel for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be their choreographer!


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