Hardik Weds Janvi

December! Oh the month of weddings and more weddings…

3rd December was the fun-filled sangeet of Hardik and Janvi. They had not decided upon this
part of the wedding since the start, but then out of the blue, they thought let’s bring it on, thus
they chose me to be their tutor and choreographer.

Since it was a late decision, the choreography was done in very little time, but believe me, it
literally blew minds away in the public. They practiced and excelled in a very short time, but still,
it looked as if they had been practicing for months.

In all the functions that I have choreographed to date, never have I seen a couple where the
groom was more interested and enthusiastic in dancing as compared to the bride who always
used to forget the steps. A totally opposite scenario as of past experiences.

But all in all, the function went superb with both the bride and groom dressed in the best of their
outfits along with all of their family members and well-wishers showering blessings on them.

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