Mohit & Komal Agarwal


I just got done with yet another Sangeet function, and the list is getting longer and longer. The last Sangeet function that I choreographed was of Mohit and Komal Agarwal, on 28th of April, 2018.

This was the first ever function where I saw that from Mohit’s side, all the dancers were boys, with an exception of a couple of girls, and from Komal’s side, all the dancers were girls, again with an exception of a couple of guys. This was one such Sangeet, where I guess I could even do match making😃.
Both the parties were totally opposite to each other. The Bride’s side was shy and calm as a River while the Groom’s side was bold and frenzied as a Sea. Whenever I used to got at Mohit’s place for the dance sessions, believe me, we used to dance less and have fun more. They enjoyed pulling my leg most of the times and food & beverages would always be available to eat even if there weren’t any hardcore practice sessions.
The whole sangeet function was of 50 minutes and was held at Platinum Hall, Sarsana, Surat. I loved being a part of their wedding shenanigans and always look forward to keep the camaraderie alive that I have built up with them in all this time! 

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