Are Celebrities Worth The Praise?

Nobody starts big, everyone starts from scratch!
But what matters is what you were when you were starting from scratch and what you are
when now you are big – rich or famous or successful.
I have,in my life,experienced many things, one of them being the change of nature of some of
my friends, the change of attitude of people who were just common like the rest of us and
nobody knew them. These people have taken a drastic turn in keeping relationships intact, in
maintaining the same friendship as they maintained before getting famous, and in being down
to earth as they were once. They have achieved things of which I am very proud, like
becoming a famous blogger, a charming influences or an aspiring actor. Don’t we get proud
when our friends become such personalities? Real friends do get proud, but sometimes it is
the same real friends who aren’t treated as friends anymore.
Where does that ego come from?
From where does that attitude enter into their personality all of a sudden?
How do they not recognize their childhood or teenage friends after getting famous?
Where does that feeling of belonging vanish?
Is the thinking of the people in the upper class so small that they start differentiating between
classes of people once they reach to the upper class?
I am going to tell you some core realities of such people today.

The first hot topic being the act of charity.
Have you ever noticed that the famous personalities of our society never stick to the proverb
– Charity should be done in a way where your left hand doesn’t know what your right gave.
Yes, I mean, I have never seen any such people doing any charity in a concealed way. They
always want to get photographed, be in the media for what little they have done, or to create
an impression of how generous they are by doing such deeds. I want to ask these generous
heroes that did you even smile honestly towards those people whom you helped for publicity?
Or did you even ask any one of them how have they been and what they want to be in life?
I also want to ask that have you really helped someone who is needy and has come to you for
some help during their crisis? I bet you would have asked a thousand questions to him/her
and would have made that person feel ashamed and like shit. A wonderful example of this is
an incident I remember in the music industry which is – once a teenager tells a well-know
person that he wants to enter into the music industry for the love of it. He is been asked why?
His dream is being suppressed. He is been told all the negatives about the industry rather than
the positives so that he would get motivated. One day they tell this and the next day, the same
well-know person is seen as a judge in music related competitions or at other places praising
music in front of everyone and making it a huge thing. So please stop asking questions to the
people who come to you for help, because you never know if tomorrow you would even be
able to give something back to the society or not. If you have resources today, then it can
even go away tomorrow, everybody knows that, so it’s better to keep giving until you can.

These famous people would never help needy ones to climb up the ladder of career, is it
because of fear of getting outdated because of those new talents? These people would always
help those whom they can control, from whom they would get something in return, or those
who shares the same standard of life which they do. The rest of classes of the society are
being treated or taken as garbage, to be honest! They should never forget that these other
classes of society are the people who have given them stardom. So if ordinary people can
give stardom then they can even snatch it away.
There are also a different class of people existing in this world about which many of you
wouldn’t have heard yet. These are the ones who are ordinary people at first, but they come
in contact or do friendship with such people who have “contacts” in a particular field in
which they are interested. The former ones don’t let the latter ones get even the slightest idea
about why this friendship has been developed. Later when the latter ones, the good ones,
helps his/her friends to reach a certain level or a position, or helps them become famous
because they have those talents, then the friendship is no more continued and the famous
proverb comes in again – Aap kaun aur Me kaun?

Back bitching is also done about the people who have helped them so much once for getting
popular. An example which can be used here is about an artist manager and an artist. When a
client goes to the artist directly and acquires an amount for the occasion concerned, the artist
charges them heavily. But after acquiring the price from the artist, when the client contacts
the artist manager and gets a lower price quoted for the same service from the same artist,
then there’s a cold war being started between the artist and the artist manager. Let me tell you
that it is the same artist manager who once supported the artist in his/her hard times and now
because of the artist bitching about the artist manager, all the mutuals of these two would
laugh about the whole scene and make fun of the artist manager.
So the whole idea of writing this blog is to make such people aware that a “full-stop” is much
required now on the group-isms that are taking place and an equal footing should be given to
everyone. Conspiracies should not be created and nepotism should be avoided at all costs
towards the people who are not of their same levels or standards. Friendships should be
treated as real friendship and not just a joke. If pictures are kept with a celebrity before the
stardom and if the same are shared after the stardom then there should be a feeling of
camaraderie still alive without any objections.

And lastly, help everyone with the same generous helping heart and not with motives. Do not
keep any expectations behind doing something good. Let this world believe once again that
they are living in a real world and not a fake society.


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