About Me

Dancing Simply For Passion

The dawn of my childhood began with the rhythmic percussions of Music from when I was born on 10th August 1987 in the ever-growing city of Surat under the wings of my grand-father who was a reknown musician. Dancing was never my field, instead I used to shy away from it and ignored it as far as possible. My sisters urged me once to participate with them in a show, after which this journey for the love of dance unfolded. And today, the situation is such that I make even those people dance who have never danced or are afraid & shy to do it.

Apart from dancing, I also started event planning, wedding planning, corporate meet-ups and other occasions of entertainment, along with being an artist manager. 10 years in this profession and a lot of experience to tackle whatsoever challenge comes upfront.

Photography & Modeling are also areas on which I layed my hands and became a pro with time, and lately I have also started loving to Travel and trying food from diverse communities!