The dawn of my childhood began with the rhythmic percussions of Music from when I was born on 10th August 1987 in the ever-growing city of Surat under the wings of my grand-father who was a reknown musician. Dancing was never my field, instead I used to shy away from it and ignored it as far as possible. My sisters urged me once to participate with them in a show, after which this journey for the love of dance unfolded.

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Mohit & Komal Agarwal

I always have a soft corner for people who are passionate about dance and Shikha you are one of them. She is extremely passionate, creative and always thrive for perfection. The best part of dancing with her is that she respects others feedback and opinion. With knowledge of various dance styles she is extremely humble, helpful and that makes her such a beautiful soul. She will really push you to achieve the best. It was my first performance with her and hope for many more. All the best for all your future endeavors :)

Arpit & Shreya Narola

It was an incredible experience with Shikha. Most of my family members are beginners but she and her choreography made the dance steps look simple and easy for everyone to learn. We really appreciate her talent, hard work and integrity.

Prachi & Mihir Shah

I along with my friends & family had a wonderful experience learning dance from Shikha. She’s one enthusiast & dedicated, she’s the one who made sure every dancer & non-dancer learns the dance well. Thanks to her for making my wedding sangeet a blast!

Vishvesh & Prasiddhi Sanghavi

Shikha Kapadia is choreographer by profession and a great friend by relation. But when comes to her work she is extremely passionate about what she does and I realized this fact during my wedding because when you have a talent in your affinity, why go anywhere else?So I handed this task to her. But I have all praises for this girl, she managed everything so beautifully.  We were running short of time, still, she choreographed so many dance combinations for the entire family. A great teacher patient yet gets angry when she doesn't find you serious. The result! The result was just phenomenal, her amazing sense of coordination, work ethics are on point. I would love to recommend to anyone who is looking for such a successful and jovial experience.